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One Mean Tasty Cheeseburger From Food Edmonton.

Hey listen if you’re ever down in Kamiah,Idaho and you’re getting hungry,listen go over to the hub and grill and check out James he’s a cook there,and let me tell you,he can cook up one mean tasty cheeseburger, you know the one I’m talking about,the one that is so juicy that you need a napkin for every bite.

Data Digger Don from food was down there in September 2016 and I’m looking forward to going back again just for that cheeseburger,thanks very much James,excellent! excellent food!. And the waitresses give fantastic service with a beautiful smile. Just look at the pictures below…


Yes that’s me DataDigger Don.


This is James the cook. Thanks for the great burger James.


That was one mean cheeseburger.

#FoodEdmonton #DataDiggerDon

Relax And Ride Edmonton Rickshaws.

When you’re hopping from bar to bar or going from restaurant to restaurant and you don’t feel like taking your car or hopping on a bus or train, give Dave at Edmonton rickshaws dot com a call at 1-888-905-0710 he’ll give you fast Courteous service like he gave my wife and I at the Kaleido festival.



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