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Sanchoco Soup Is Very Satisfying.

Sanchoco Soup Is Very Satisfying.

On Sunday, 24 June 2018 I was spending a beautiful day with my son Kyle and his girlfriend Tasha, at Pembina river provincial park just outside of Edmonton.

I spotted some very friendly Colombian people that were cooking their native soup called “Sanchoco”.

When they cook their soup you can’t help but notice, that’s because they always cook it in a huge pot.

I remember years ago when I lived on the southside of Edmonton I had a friend that was Colombian and I remember him cooking his soup in one of those big huge pots. lol

I love to learn new types of recipes that I can try out, and then share with the people that follow me on one or more of my food blogs. So I went over and approached one lady and introduced myself, her name was Bella, she  is the woman above standing by the big pot.  she was there with her husband, some friends and I believe some of her children. we are now friends on Facebook.

I look forward to conversing with her in the future. I do hope she reaches out to me and shares her recipe for this tasty looking “Sanchoco Soup”. When I get an update on this recipe I’ll let you know, so be sure to follow me and check back again. Your friend Don