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Get seen in Google search with FOOD

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Edmonton Chinese restaurant order to close doors.

Taipan Cafe, on 97th Street, ordered to overhaul food management practices, clean all kitchen equipment. Poor sanitation, hazardous foods.

Inspectors found evidence of poor sanitation throughout the entire facility. There was “grime, grease and food debris accumulation” on kitchen equipment.

“Multiple high-risk hazardous foods,” including noodles, eggs and meat, were being stored, thawed or cooked at improper temperatures.

Food equipment was stored in basement-area utility space unapproved for food storage and subject to sewer back-up.

Food and cleaning supplies were improperly labelled. Food preparation was apparently being conducted in the dish pit and many meals were left uncovered in the kitchen giving “access to the cockroaches or other potential sources of contamination.”

Cooking surfaces and utensils were improperly washed and at least one employee failed to wash their hands after handling meat.

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