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Tim Hortons breakfast in Edmonton,Alberta.

Tim Hortons breakfast in Edmonton, Alberta.

Went to Tim’s the other day and ordered breakfast, I asked for a mayonnaise package and was told it would cost me 30 cents. Seriously! When did they start charging for condiments?.
I can kind of understand why they charge for a refill on coffee, but! For condiments for your breakfast sandwich ? Come on, that’s just not right!. A breakfast sandwich without a bit of some kind of condiments is like eating a sawdust sandwich.
 I can go to Mc Donald’s and get any condiments, mayonnaise, ketchup, hot spicy mustard, salsa, for my breakfast sandwich for no charge!. And I can get two or three coffee refills at no charge. Tim Horton’s sure doesn’t give me any good reasons to want to bring my breakfast business back to them.
Where do you think I’ll be going for my breakfast from now on?.  You got it! And besides, the breakfast and coffee are better there anyways.
 It’s McDonald’s all the way for #DataDiggerDon From now on!. Lol

Worlds smallest frying pan in Edmonton,Alberta.

Worlds smallest frying pan in Edmonton, Alberta.

I was out shopping the other day and found the worlds smallest frying pan. I don’t know exactly what you could cook in this tiny frying pan? Maybe one egg, that’s about it. Have you ever seen a frying pan so small?. #cooking #fryingpan #foodedmontondining