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Food To Eat Vs Grass To Look At.

Food To Eat Vs Grass To Look At.

Green Grass in Edmonton, Alberta.

Delicious tomatoes in Edmonton,Alberta.

I’m sure you asked yourself this question a few times, “should I plant vegetables and fruit trees in my front yard or grass”.
Conventional thinking would dictate to you that you should plant grass, but! the new age thinking is I can’t eat grass so why plant it.
I myself have thought this way for years. I want tasty healthy vegetables and fruits not Grass. If you’re still on the fence with this controversial issue, read on you may change your mind.
I’ve been gardening here in Edmonton for the past 40 years. When my wife and I moved into our present home 22 years ago we decided that we were going to plant a few garden beds Instead of grass in the front yard.  We both love and enjoy looking at flowers. That’s why most of our plants are flowering perennials.
We do have vegetables also in our garden beds. We have three trees, A lilac, mountain ash, and an elm tree. We used to have two evergreens in the front yard. One I took out by choice, and the other one was blown down in a storm we had about 10 years ago.
Below Are some pictures of the fruits and vegetables that we have harvested from our garden in the front and back yard.
I’ve also created a compost pile that feeds my Alberta Rose bush and tiger lilies. I do not let anything organic go to the landfill it all goes into my four composts that I have. And That includes the leaves that I raked up and branches that I prune off my trees. Keep in mind that the branches have to be chopped up into little pieces before adding to the compost pile.
Also besides the Organic material that comes out of the kitchen I add all the boxes and egg cartons to my compost. Why should I give all my cardboard to the city when I can utilize it in my own compost. This is something you can do also when you start your compost. Just keep in mind that it Has to be done properly.
The proper way to utilize your cardboard in your compost pile is as follows:  one thin layer of cardboard then a few inches thick layer of old compost, then another layer of cardboard and then another layer of old compost. And it Has to be done in an open pit compost that is exposed to the sun and rain.
Here is a very important tip, do not soak the compost just add a little bit of water between your layers. Here’s one last important tip “do not add any cooked food especially meat to your compost” because then it will just rot and produce a terrible smell. Follow the proper way I just laid out and nature  will take care of the rest for you. A healthy compost will smell like the forest. You’ll really understand what I’m talking about when you take your first smell of your compost.
I’ve also installed five rain barrels to catch all the rain that I need to water our plants. Why spend money on city water when nature will provide all that you need.
In the backyard I’ve planted strawberries, raspberry bushes, Rhubarb, an apple tree and a black currant bush.
Remember this, a healthy compost will help produce tasty delicious fruit and vegetables just like the ones you’re seeing on this blog post.
I’m totally against using any type of chemicals in our yard. The three  main reasons I don’t use any type of chemicals in my yard.
# 1   I don’t want to pollute and poison the ground water.
# 2   I don’t want to subject my family and myself to these Dangerous chemicals.
# 3   I don’t want to subject my Dog to these Dangerous chemicals.
The only thing that feeds all of our plants is my compost that I produce.
I’m so happy that I don’t have a big front yard with grass to have to take care of, but I would enjoy a bigger front yard to grow more produce.
I feel growing grass is such a waste of time and money. I always say…If I want grass I’ll go to the park. I want my little piece of land to feed my eyes and then my stomach. I Also want my land to attract the birds, bees and the butterflies.
When I ride my bike around the neighbourhood and I see more and more people putting in gardens in the front and back yards instead of grass, it makes me very happy. Just imagine how beautiful and healthy it would be for everyone to see every 2nd yard in your Neighbourhood with fruit trees and vegetable gardens growing instead of grass.
I hope by sharing my story that I’ve planted a seed in your mind so you will take action and change your life and your families for the better.
Your action steps:
1. Go and grow a garden.
2. Create a compost pile.
3. Install a few rain barrels.
4. Sit back and enjoy your creation.
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Mystery dish challenge in Edmonton,Alberta,Canada.

Hello and welcome to the mystery dish challenge.
Allow me to introduce myself I’m your food blogger #DataDiggerDon and I live in Edmonton Alberta Canada.

#DataDiggerDon Your Food Blogger.

More than likely you’re here because you took up my challenge on my Facebook FOOD Edmonton dining page.
OK so now that you’ve seen the picture below of the mystery dish, what do you think it’s Called?.

Mystery dish challenge in Edmonton,Alberta,Canada.

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And if you are a really good cook as you think you are, why don’t you share your recipe for this dish. I know That this dish can be prepared in a few ways.
For instance if I know some of my dining guests are Millennials then I will add different cheeses Because I know that young people love meals that are chewy, gooey and Flavourful. Ha ha Ha!!!.
In a few days I will post my recipe for this tasty dish. Stay tuned my friend.
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