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Best Meatloaf Ever.

#DataDiggerDon Says… Meatloaf is one of my favorite things to make.

Best Meatloaf Ever.

Here’s a #FoodEdmontondining tip for you…

Use oatmeal and bran as a binder instead of crackers or breadcrumbs. You’ll only need a quarter cup each. Three benefits You’ll receive are…

1) You’ll reduce your Cholesterol.

2) Your meatloaf will be firmer.

3) Your meatloaf will be more moist.

Chef #DataDiggerDon

This food Edmonton dining tip was brought to you by:  #DataDiggerDon #FoodEdmontonDining

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What is your favourite type of sandwich?.

What is your favourite type of sandwich?.

Best turkey sandwich in Edmonton,Alberta.

Mine is a turkey sandwich. 

The way I make my turkey sandwich is… 

I chop up the turkey into cubes, then I chop up some onion and some celery. The type of dressing I like is mayonnaise, then I add a layer of sour cream and a layer of cranberry sauce. Then I love to put pepper and a little bit of salt for the Finishing touch. A Nice big pickle and some coleslaw go great with this sandwich. 

I am wondering…can you top my sandwich creation?. If so come on then let’s hear what it is. lol 😂Brought to you by: #foodedmontondining #yeg #datadiggerdon