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Canadians Harvest Cold Hard Cash.

Canadians Harvest Cold Hard Cash.
A company in eastern Canada 🇨🇦 is harvesting icebergs for their water.
It is some of the purest water on the planet. They sell it for $16 a bottle and ship it across Europe and Asia.
I bet you didn’t know this…
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Diabetic Diet For A Better Life.

Diabetic Diet For A Better Life.

Family meal time.

Knowing the healthy foods to eat will put you on the road to a very healthy life.

Next you need to re-educate yourself about this so called disease the health professionals call ” Diabetes”. Learn the truth… Is it reversible or not?.

Watch the video below…And you be the judge. If you or a loved one is a diabetic this video will be the most important video you will ever watch.

Insulin toxicity and how to treat Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.

Alberta’s Premier Pancake Breakfast.
#foodedmontondining Says …
If you haven’t been to the Premier Pancake Breakfast, you Definitely should go at least once in your life.

Alberta Premier Pancake Breakfast.

It’s free of charge, and they’ll fill you up with some tasty pancakes, eggs, sausages and Kabasa.

The voice of Food Edmonton Dining Scene.

You’ll be entertained by dancers and some fine musicians.
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If you haven’t had Lumpia Before you’re missing out on a very tasty Filipino treat.

Lumpia is a Filipino eggroll.

Lumpia is a Filipino eggroll.
 It goes great with any rice dish or noodle dish. You can find it in most Asian food markets. Try some today I’m sure you and your family will love it.
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Family meal time in Edmonton,Alberta,Canada.

How many dishes do you like to prepare for a big family get together?.

Family meal time.

In my family we like to prepare anywhere from 7 to 10 dishes.

We’ll cook at least three meat dishes and four vegetable dishes. We also love our fish so we will always cook at least one fish dish. Then of course for dessert We’ll have two desserts and fresh fruit. FOOD is such a integral part of any families get together’s. Would love to hear any ideas that you may have so don’t be shy leave your comment below. Thank you for stopping by and visiting FOOD in




First harvest of fresh succulent strawberries.

First Harvest Of Fresh Succulent Strawberries.
Who doesn’t like Sinking their teeth into some tasty sweet strawberries.
I sure do!.  Now what I’d like to know is how do you like eating your strawberries?

Sweet strawberries from Edmonton Alberta Canada.

Do you eat them alone? Do you eat them with vanilla ice cream? Do you enjoy making jam with them? Or do you like making smoothies with them?.
Please Give FoodEdmontondining your feedback we’d love to hear all the different ways you enjoy your succulent strawberries, and so would our followers,thank you!.
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Tim Hortons breakfast in Edmonton,Alberta.

Tim Hortons breakfast in Edmonton, Alberta.

Went to Tim’s the other day and ordered breakfast, I asked for a mayonnaise package and was told it would cost me 30 cents. Seriously! When did they start charging for condiments?.
I can kind of understand why they charge for a refill on coffee, but! For condiments for your breakfast sandwich ? Come on, that’s just not right!. A breakfast sandwich without a bit of some kind of condiments is like eating a sawdust sandwich.
 I can go to Mc Donald’s and get any condiments, mayonnaise, ketchup, hot spicy mustard, salsa, for my breakfast sandwich for no charge!. And I can get two or three coffee refills at no charge. Tim Horton’s sure doesn’t give me any good reasons to want to bring my breakfast business back to them.
Where do you think I’ll be going for my breakfast from now on?.  You got it! And besides, the breakfast and coffee are better there anyways.
 It’s McDonald’s all the way for #DataDiggerDon From now on!. Lol

Worlds smallest frying pan in Edmonton,Alberta.

Worlds smallest frying pan in Edmonton, Alberta.

I was out shopping the other day and found the worlds smallest frying pan. I don’t know exactly what you could cook in this tiny frying pan? Maybe one egg, that’s about it. Have you ever seen a frying pan so small?. #cooking #fryingpan #foodedmontondining 

Kippers for breakfast in Edmonton.

#FoodEdmontonDining Says… I thought Id take the time to share another great way to enjoy kippers for breakfast.

Here’s what I do… Scramble six eggs 🥚 with Onions and chopped up tomatoes and add the kippers last. Make some steamed rice and Mix the two together. I love to add some soybean sauce and hoisin sauce. I bet you can’t stop at one helping. Enjoy #DataDiggerDon  #yegfood