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Let me introduce myself, Hello! my name is Don Reykdal, I'm from Edmonton,Alberta,Canada. My reason's for creating this blog are: 1. I love creating and sharing tasty recipes. 2. I like reading about peoples different dining experiences. 3. I enjoy learning and trying recipes from around the world from food lovers like yourself. 4. This blog and my other blogs give me the wonderful opportunity to meet many interesting people around the world and expand my many friendships I've developed over time. I myself love to experiment in the kitchen and I've created many delicious dishs over the past 40 years. So with that said and now you know a bit about me... Welcome! to FOOD EDMONTON. COM Where you can read reviews,watch videos of a persons dining experience and see pictures of The Most Delicious Food in Edmonton. i will also at some point in time go and interview the owners of dining establishments in Edmonton so you can get their point of view as to when they started the restaurant and how much passion they have for the food they offer us the consumer. Anyhow!... Food Edmonton is for anyone who likes to share the love of Delicious Food. Food lovers from around the world are waiting to hear what you have to say. So Speak now and share your mind.

Worlds smallest frying pan in Edmonton,Alberta.

Worlds smallest frying pan in Edmonton, Alberta.

I was out shopping the other day and found the worlds smallest frying pan. I don’t know exactly what you could cook in this tiny frying pan? Maybe one egg, that’s about it. Have you ever seen a frying pan so small?. #cooking #fryingpan #foodedmontondining 

Kippers for breakfast in Edmonton.

#FoodEdmontonDining Says… I thought Id take the time to share another great way to enjoy kippers for breakfast.

Here’s what I do… Scramble six eggs 🥚 with Onions and chopped up tomatoes and add the kippers last. Make some steamed rice and Mix the two together. I love to add some soybean sauce and hoisin sauce. I bet you can’t stop at one helping. Enjoy #DataDiggerDon  #yegfood

The Fab FourEver Feeds Your Soul.

The Fab Four Ever Feeds Your Soul.
Yes I know my blog is all about food for Your body, but! Sometimes I enjoy 😊 feeding Your soul…
My wife Aiden and I sure had a blast! On Saturday November 3rd 2018 in Edmonton,Alberta.
If you love the Beatles, I hope You didn’t miss out on “The Fab Four Ever. We felt that the real Beatles were at times performing right in front of our eyes”.
Thank God for these gents that they had enough passion and love for the Beatles music That they put this tribute band together. These four lads are good old Canadian boys from Vancouver BC.
There’s actually one other fellow in the band, he plays the accordion and the piano. He seems to be in the shadows,but! Without him, I don’t think they would be able to achieve the right sound for the songs that they play…he is the last lad on the right with the hat.
I understand that they will be playing throughout BC for the most part of November and then they will be performing on a cruise 🚢 ship. Sorry I didn’t catch the name of the cruise line.
I sure hope they come back to Edmonton really soon. If you get a chance to go see them in any city,  it would be well worth it.
Your friend Don Reykdal ( AKA #DataDiggerDon ) #FoodEdmontondining

I wonder how many people in Edmonton have enjoyed a Spanish Stew?.

I wonder how many people in #yeg have enjoyed a tasty Spanish Stew?.

Edmontons Best Spanish Stew.

Leave #FoodEdmontondining a 10-word and up comment, and I’ll share the recipe with You.
😜 So easy to do,Your family and friends won’t be able to stop talking about the Tasty Spanish Stew You Cooked For Them. 
#stew #stewbeef #stewfood #cooking #cookingtips #cookinghack #recipes #DataDiggerDon

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Edmonton Chinese restaurant order to close doors.

Taipan Cafe, on 97th Street, ordered to overhaul food management practices, clean all kitchen equipment. Poor sanitation, hazardous foods.

Inspectors found evidence of poor sanitation throughout the entire facility. There was “grime, grease and food debris accumulation” on kitchen equipment.

“Multiple high-risk hazardous foods,” including noodles, eggs and meat, were being stored, thawed or cooked at improper temperatures.

Food equipment was stored in basement-area utility space unapproved for food storage and subject to sewer back-up.

Food and cleaning supplies were improperly labelled. Food preparation was apparently being conducted in the dish pit and many meals were left uncovered in the kitchen giving “access to the cockroaches or other potential sources of contamination.”

Cooking surfaces and utensils were improperly washed and at least one employee failed to wash their hands after handling meat.

To See The full article go to:

Best Bakery In North Edmonton.

Best Bakery In North Edmonton.

Data Digger Don with the owner “Shan” and her two girls.

#DataDiggerDon went with his wife “Aiden ” the other day to the Shan Shan bakery in Edmontons Chinatown. We bought a whole box of tasty pastries and enjoyed each one. The owners name is Shan, and she’s a very friendly woman.

Shan Shan Bakery pastries.

Shan Shan Bakery Treats in a box.

Data Digger Don Eating Bakery pastries.

Data Digger Don Eating Bakery pastries.

The Bakery is located at 10552-97Street

Shan Shan Bakery in #yeg has the best pastries according to #foodedmontondining Do You Agree?.


Who has the biggest apple in Edmonton, Alberta?. Do you?.

Who has the biggest apple in Edmonton, Alberta?. Do you?.

Do you have an apple tree?

Don Reykdals apple tree in Edmonton, Alberta.

You do, great!. FOOD Edmonton has a challenge for you… Who has the biggest apple in Edmonton?. Do you?.

The founder of food Edmonton dot com “Don Reykdal ”

Data Digger Don

feels he has the biggest Apple in Edmonton, Alberta.

Who has the biggest apple in Edmonton?. Do you?.

My apple is the bigger one and the small one is store bought.

It’s a monster of an 🍎 apple!. “Now Do You believe your eyes”.  Hey! If your apple is Bigger… You win! And I’ll take my hat 🎩 off to You. Still feel up to the challenge? Great!… And good luck to you, we look forward to seeing a picture of your biggest big apple. lol

FoodEdmonton followers would like to know. Thanks!.

#FoodEdmontondining #yeg