Mystery dish challenge in Edmonton,Alberta,Canada.

Hello and welcome to the mystery dish challenge.
Allow me to introduce myself I’m your food blogger #DataDiggerDon and I live in Edmonton Alberta Canada.

#DataDiggerDon Your Food Blogger.

More than likely you’re here because you took up my challenge on my Facebook FOOD Edmonton dining page.
OK so now that you’ve seen the picture below of the mystery dish, what do you think it’s Called?.

Mystery dish challenge in Edmonton,Alberta,Canada.

If you think you’ve got the right answer then head back to my Facebook page FOOD Edmonton dining and post your answer.

Just search for…@foodedmontondining  On Facebook or do a Google search.

And if you are a really good cook as you think you are, why don’t you share your recipe for this dish. I know That this dish can be prepared in a few ways.
For instance if I know some of my dining guests are Millennials then I will add different cheeses Because I know that young people love meals that are chewy, gooey and Flavourful. Ha ha Ha!!!.
In a few days I will post my recipe for this tasty dish. Stay tuned my friend.
I would like to take the time to thank you for stopping by and taking me up on my challenge.
Please take a moment and bookmark so you can come on back and enjoy some of my tasty recipes and participate in my challenges. Have yourself a great year.