Why You Should select Szechuan Castle as your dining destination.

Why You Should Select Szechuan Castle As Your Dining Destination.

By: Don Reykdal

Food Edmonton.com ranked the Edmonton Area the second healthiest place to live in Canada. Crediting it as the “birthplace of farm-to-table” dining, this artical provides a compelling portrayal of the Edmonton Area as a healthy foodie’s heaven.

Indeed, this area has a special focus on real food, sustainable and seasonal farming, and support for local agriculture. Bringing this proud characteristic of Edmonton’s food scene to the forefront is one restaurant that offers a menu that undeniably emphasizes nutrition and real ingredients, while also maintaining reasonable prices.

The castle facade and grey walled watch towers make Szechuan Castle one restaurant you won’t soon forget. The outside is no indication of the bright and inviting decor inside. Seating is (very) generous, but what this chinese buffet restaurant lacks in strong presence, it more than makes up for in fresh, healthy food choices. Yes they cater to the carnivore lovers, And Szechuan Castle has options for every kind of healthy foodie. For vegetarian eaters, there are veggie dishs and hearty salads.

To end off a great tasty meal, the desert bar offers a nice selections of sweet delights that will please most anyone with a sweet tooth.

You won’t go wrong when you select Szechuan Castle as your dining destination.